Professor Patrick Collinson and his historical legacy

This Friday a symposium on the late Professor Patrick Collinson and his historical legacy will be held at Trinity College in Cambridge.

Patrick Collinson was Regius Professor of Modern History at the University of Cambridge and by the time of his death he had become one of Britain’s foremost early modern historians. His first major monograph, published as The Elizabethan Puritan Movement (1967), transformed the way historians conceived the nature and role of Puritanism. His final publication, Richard Bancroft and Elizabethan Anti-Puritanism (Cambridge University Press, 2013) will be launched after Friday’s symposium.

Later this month Patrick Collinson’s final book for Manchester University Press, This England: Essays on the English nation and Commonwealth in the sixteenth century, will be published for the first time in paperback.

There’s also an extended review of Collinson’s autobiography, The History of a History Man available here.

One thought on “Professor Patrick Collinson and his historical legacy

  1. I was supervised by Professor Collinson for my MA dissertation at Kent.
    His approach was always positive, supportive, and accompanied by an appreciation of the wonderful absurdities of human life. The welcoming hospitality he extended to his students was relaxed and genuine, and I left his supervision sessions feeling positive and reassured. He could usually pinpoint the exact solutions to academic problems which overwhelmed us, and his modesty and approachability and crucially his availability for impromptu discussion made it possible to succeed. I mourn his loss, and cherish the memories.

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