UK Historians’ Manuscripts Survey

We are pleased to be able to announce a new resource available on our History Online service: a listing of UK historians and the location of their working papers, where known.

Thomas Carlyle by Whistler

Tomas Carlyle, by James McNeill Whistler

This listing is a work in progress. At present we have just over 300 historians and we have been able to find the location of their papers for over 200; we have concentrated for the moment on historians who have recently died and also on those who we believe to have been fellows of the Royal Historical Society. We will continue adding historians and updating the list in the future. There is a webform for users to suggest locations of working papers and we would welcome any new information.

The historians’ names are based on the full form given in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, but have been integrated into the site-wide search on History Online. So clicking on the name Taylor, Alan John Percivale searches for the more familiar form: AJP Taylor; this brings results from across the site, showing theses Taylor supervised as well as books he wrote or edited.

We’d like to give special thanks to Paul McMenemy, a CDA student from the University of Leicester, for the considerable amount of painstaking work he did gathering the data for this project.

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