IHR Wiley Lecture 2017

18:00-19:30      The English Revolution as a Civil War
                          Professor John Morrill (University of Cambridge)

19:30-20:30      Reception

IHR Winter Conference 2017: Civil Wars

09:00-09:40       Registration

09:40-09:45        Welcoming remarks (Lawrence Goldman, Director of the IHR)

09:45-10:45        Professor Salwa Ismail (SOAS)
                           The Civil War in Syria

10:45-11:15        Break

11:15-13:00        Professor David Parrott (University of Oxford)
                            Early Modern French Civil Wars

                           Professor Alan Forrest (University of York)
                           The French Revolution as a Civil War

13:00-13:45      Lunch

13:45-14:45       Dr. Adam Smith (UCL)
                           How the 1861 “Slaveholders’ Rebellion” became a “Civil War”

14:45-15:45       Professor Orlando Figes (Birkbeck College)
                          Civil War as Revolution: Soviet Russia, 1917-21

15:45-16:15        Break

16:15-17:15      Professor Paul Preston (LSE)
                          The Uniqueness of the Spanish Civil War?

17:15-18:00     Roundtable