Wolfson Conference Suite, Institute of Historical Research, Senate House North Block

Thursday 23 October 

4.30:                       Registration and refreshments

5.15:                       Welcome

Dame Jenny Abramsky, former Chair of the University of London Board of Trustees

5.30:                       Roundtable discussion

Chair: Laurie Taylor (York/THE)
Peter Buckley (Leeds)
Geoffrey Crossick (London)
Frank Furedi (Kent)
Lisa Jardine (UCL)
Krishan Kumar (University of Virginia)

7.00:                       Wine reception


Friday 24 October

9.30:                       Registration and refreshments

9.45:                       1. Campus visions (Abstracts)

Chair: Michael Hebbert (UCL)

William Whyte (Oxford), Learning from Redbrick: utopianism and architectural legacy of the civic universities     

Barnabas Calder (Liverpool), The abstract becomes concrete: the architecture of the new universities

Stefan Muthesius (UEA), Devising communities: the ideal campus

11.15:                    Refreshments

11.30:                    2. New maps of learning (Abstracts)

Chair: Peter Scott (Institute of Education)

Tom Steele (Glasgow), Lindsay, Macmurray and the democratic intellect          

Lucy Robinson and Chris Warne (Sussex), title TBC                

Marion McClintock (Lancaster), Innovation and evolution: Lancaster’s academic programmes, 1964 to 2014

1.00:                       Lunch

2.00:                       3. Students (Abstracts)

Chair: Lawrence Black (York)

Dan Weinbren (The Open University), Open to people: studying with The Open University

Caroline Hoefferle (Wingate), Great expectations, the Robbins report, Albert Sloman and student protest at Essex University in the long 1960s

Nick Thomas (Nottingham), Contested visions of Utopia: student power, Robbins and British universities in the 1960s

3.30:                       Refreshments

4.00:                       4. Civic engagement (Abstracts)

Chair: Joanna Motion (More Partnership)

Jill Pellew (IHR), The new universities of the 1960s and their localities: the culture of support and the role of philanthropy

Keith Vernon (University of Central Lancashire), Engagement, estrangement or divorce?: the new universities and their local communities

Malcolm Tight (Lancaster), The British campus universities: from local to global: an overall assessment

5.30:                      Plenary roundtable

Chair: Peter Mandler (Cambridge)

Robert Anderson (Edinburgh)
Victor Collet (Nanterre, Paris)
Rajat Datta (Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India)
Carol Dyhouse (Sussex)
Mark Goldie (Churchill College, Cambridge)
Nancy-Weiss Malkiel (Princeton)
Gervase Rosser (St Catherine’s College, Oxford)
Michael Shattock (Institute of Education)

6.15:                       Conference reception